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Post by FlyForAll on Wed May 01, 2013 4:08 am

Here are the new perks packages you might pick for your donates.


~ Package 1 ~
Worth: 500 / 13$
Free: 10x pcs perins
Free: 99x Bogs
Free: 1 Ingame Weapon (In Your Choice)

~ Package 2 ~
Worth: 1000 / 27$
Free: 99x Bogs
Free: 15x Perins
Free: 1 Red Chips Head Gear (In Your Choice)

~ Package 3 ~
Worth: 2000 / 54$
Free: 1 (+) Donate Scroll
Free: +20 Accessories (In Your Choice)
Free: 99 Holy
Free: 99 Reversion
Free: 30k Red Chips

~ Package 4 ~
Worth: 3000 / 81
Free: 1 Set Version 17 Set (In Your Choice)
Free: Raise Pet lvl 9999
Free: 50k Red Chips
Free: 30x Perins
Free: 99 Bogs

~ Package 5 ~
Worth: 5000 / 135$
Free: Bonus 10% On your iCoins
Free: 2x (+) Donate Scrolls
Free: 2x (%) Donate Scrolls
Free: 1x Donate Weapon (In Your Choice)
Free: 1x Raised Pet Lvl 9999 (In Your Choice)
Free: 1x Donate Head Gear (In Your Choice)
Free: 2x CW Personal Killing At Secret Map

Options On Sending Your Donation.

1. PayPal

My paypal mail: (family/friends -> gift) with title DONATE and message starting by words "Donation for Server"

After transfer send me email to which contains:
1. Your names;
2. Your PayPal e-mail;
3. Transaction ID number;
4. Amount of donation;
5. All perks you want to get;
6. Your login name;

2. Western Union

My data:
Name: Mauro Jr.
Last name: Abasa
Address: Lapu-lapu city, cebu
Postal code: 6015
City: lapu-lapu
Country: philippines

3. Cebuana lhuillier Pera Padala

Name: Mauro S. Abasa Jr.
Address: lapu-lapu city, cebu.

Contact Us:
Globe: 0915-3478969
Sun: 09421631646
Chat With Owner or Sensei at ChatBox


All donations are meant to become support for server. Supporting server is voluntary and it is not requirement to play. Playing is for free. By sending donations you help to keep server alive and improve it. Also, by donating you not BUY any item or perk - perk is an expression of gratitude for helping us. Sending donation is not making you out of rules. You should consider, that by using hacking programs you may get your account deleted together with all perks you've obtained here - this is your account and you take every responsibility for it.
By sending donation you accept those terms.

Admin: FlyForAll


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