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This forum is created for helping others.

#1. Conversation manner is in force here.

#2. SPAMming in other section than SPAM won't be tolerated.

#3. On these forum we should help each other.

#4. This is FLYFF FOR ALL server forum. Advertising other Flyff online servers is prohibited and might be a reason of ban.

#5. Harassing, swearing and using bad words may lead you to forum account suspension.

#6. Posting religion-abusive, racist, personal insulting or porn content is not allowed and will be punished.

#7. Do not DOUBLE/MULTIPLE POST (make few posts in a row) if you have something to add - USE EDIT BUTTON!

#9. Any attempt of ADVERTISING HACK SITE will get you permanent BAN from Forum and In-game.

#10. Having multiple account will make you banned as well. If you set second account - ask FORUM ADMIN to delete other one.

#11. This is an ENGLISH forum and only one, acceptable language to speak in this forum is ENGLISH, however you will not be banned for speaking in other languages. If you have anything important to say or if you have any problem you need to post it in english as well.

#12. Do not refresh post. If nobody reply to your post in trading section, wait a few days and try to post again.

This is what admins expect and what they require.

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